Power Sonic understands that the nature of the medical industry demands high quality, reliable and safe battery products. When life and health rely on essential medical equipment it is hard to overstate the importance of the battery that powers or backups the power of that equipment.

  • PS Series

    PS Series

    General Purpose SLA

    The PS series of sealed lead acid batteries have been designed with AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology to ensure superior performance and reliability. Ranging from 0.8ah to 260ah for standby and light cyclic medical applications.

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  • PDC Series

    PDC Series

    Deep Cycle AGM

    The PDC series of deep cycle AGM batteries have been engineered for a long cycle life and are ideal for mobility equipment and medical devices that require a power source.

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  • DCG Series

    DCG Series

    Deep Cycle Gel

    The DCG series of deep cycle gel batteries offer superior performance and cycle life compared to AGM batteries. This range of Power Sonic batteries are ideal for mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs and cyclic medical applications.

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  • PSL Series

    PSL Series

    Medical LiFePO4

    The PSL series of lithium batteries are perfect for medical applications that need a lightweight, higher capacity battery. The LiFePO4 battery is a much safer technology that offers a high cycle life and superior performance over a wide range of temperatures. Certified to IEC62133, UN38.3 and UL standards.

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  • PSL-BT Series

    PSL-BT Series

    Lithium Bluetooth

    Check the status of your battery without removing it from your medical application with the lithium Bluetooth series. Utilizing the safest lithium chemistry (LiFePO4) and delivering an impressive cycle life and ultra fast charging.

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DCG Series

PC Series

Power Sonic have a proven range of battery chargers that meet international medical standards. Our PC series of European manufactured chargers are fully medical compliant, developed and configured with safety and compliance in mind

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UPS solutions for medical equipment and critical systems

Power Sonic offer a range of UPS solutions to prevent costly business downtime. Our dependable 1/2/3kVA and 6/20kVA solutions ensure business continuity and are ideal for small servers, IT equipment and automation systems.

DCG Series

DRM for hospitals and healthcare facilities

Power Sonic’s DRM (demand response module) is a fully integrated, unique power solution for medium and high voltage grid connection. A solution that provides clean, stable and reliable power to manufacturing facilities ensuring productivity even in times when there is no power available from the grid.

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Medical equipment manufacturers globally look to Power Sonic when developing new battery powered medical equipment. Power Sonic has a proven track record of delivering quality batteries and battery chargers for a diverse range of medical applications including digital imaging, patient monitoring, medical carts and surgical devices. Whether the battery is required to be the main source of power or as backup power for the device, our expert team of engineers will work closely with you to ensure you get the right battery solution for your requirements. OEM’s globally rely on Power Sonic to deliver both pre-engineered and custom battery solutions for medical and mobility equipment.


Power Sonic offer a wide range of battery sizes and configurations that support various medical applications. For those applications that require unique power requirements our expert engineers can help design, develop, test and manufacture custom battery solutions for the specific needs of almost any application. Contact us todayfor more information on our custom battery solutions.

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Battery Solutions for Medical Carts

Medical carts, or nurse stations as often referred to, are an essential piece of equipment in today’s hospitals and healthcare facilities, they are also an integral part of care delivery.
Choosing the right battery to power your medial cart is a critical step in providing the best patient care that is possible. With the right battery you can increase run times and improve the mobility of your cart. Power Sonic offer a wide range of sealed lead acid and lithium batteries suitable for whatever your requirements, whether you are looking for more energy and longer operational life or a balance of performance and affordability we have the right battery solution for you.

Batteries for mobility

Power Sonic knows just how much people rely on their mobility equipment, whether it’s their mobility scooter, electric wheelchair, stairlift or hoist. The equipment is vital to keep them on the move. Due to the essential nature of the equipment a high quality and reliable battery is paramount. At Power Sonic we offer a wide range of battery solutions that cover all budgets and power requirements including our deep cycle AGM, gel and lithium ranges.

Complete customer satisfaction

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